Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D. Course Work, English. York University, 2001.
M. A., Creative Writing; English. Concordia University, 2000.
B. A. (Hons. with Distinction), Literary Studies. University of Toronto, 1993.

Nominated, Price Teaching Award for Non-Tenured Faculty, OCAD University, 2010.
Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence, York University, 2000.

LANGUAGES: English (first language); Spanish (proficient)

2017-2018 ADJUNCT LECTURER, English and Humanities, Emily Carr University.
2013-2017 ADJUNCT INSTRUCTOR, English and Humanities, Emily Carr University.
2012-2014 ADJUNCT INSTRUCTOR, English, Capilano University.
2008-2012 ADJUNCT INSTRUCTOR, English, Ryerson University.
2008-2009 ADJUNCT INSTRUCTOR, Engineering communication, U of Toronto.
2002-2012 ADJUNCT INSTRUCTOR, English and Humanities, OCAD University.
1999-2002 TEACHING ASSISTANT, English, York University.
1997-1999 ADJUNCT INSTRUCTOR, English, Concordia University.
1996-1997 ESL INSTRUCTOR, Linguista.
1996-1997 ESL INSTRUCTOR, Montreal English Language Teachers.




WRTG 313 Script Writing/Concept Development. Emily Carr University, 2018.


ENGL 100: Academic Writing. Capilano University, 2012-13.
ENGL 100: Academic Writing. Capilano University (Tszil Learning Centre, Mount Currie  Reserve), 2012-13.
ENGL 1B01: Critical Writing for Creative Thinkers. OCAD University, 2002-2003.
ENGL 212: Composition-Stage 1. Concordia University, 1997-1998.
ENGL 213: Composition -Stage 2. Concordia University, 1998-1999.
ENGL 2B30: Critical Writing for Artists and Designers. OCAD University, 2002-2010.
HUMN 100: Academic Core (4 sections per term). ECUAD, Fall 2013-Fall 2017.
HUMN 101: Academic Core (4 sections per term). ECUAD, Spring 2013-Spring 2017.
LBST 1B11: The Essay and the Argument: Mechanics. OCAD University, 2009-2012.
LBST 1B13: The Essay and the Argument: Rhetoric. OCAD University, 2007-2012.


ENGINEERING COMMUNICATION (Part of a team-taught, first-year course)
ASP 111: Engineering Strategies and Practices 1. University of Toronto, Fall 2008.
ASP 112: Engineering Strategies and Practices 2. University of Toronto, Winter 2009.

Intermediate grammar and conversation. Linguista, 1996-97.
Advanced discussion groups for corporate clients. Montreal English Language Teachers, 1996-97.

HUMN 305: Special Topics—Creativity. Emily Carr University, Summer 2013.
HUMN 4B17: Feminist Theory. OCAD University, 2004-2008.

CENG 112: Popular Literature. Ryerson University, 2009-2011.
CENG 204: Literature of Immigration. Ryerson University, 2010-2012.
CENG 503: Science Fiction. Ryerson University, 2009-2011.
CENG 511: The Art of Writing Life. Ryerson University, 2008-2009.
ENGL 103: Contemporary Literature. Capilano University, 2013-14.
ENGL 104: Introduction to Fiction. Capilano University, 2012-13.
ENGL 2B08: Canadian Literature. OCAD University, 2002-2007.
ENGL 3B01: The Artist in European and American Literature. OCAD U, 2005-2012.
ENGL 3B03: Children’s Literature. OCAD University, 2010-2011.
ENGL 4B03: European Literary Classics & Criticism. OCAD University, 2010-2011.


“The Colonized Heart: Masculine Honour and the Protection of Women in Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko.” Lexis, McGill U, 5 April 2002; Survival Strategies, York U, 25 Feb. 2002.

“Antiphony in Diaspora: Black Women as Critical Hip-Hop Storytellers.” Diasporic Voices: The Journey Across the Millennia. Howard U, Washington, D.C. 7 Oct. 2000.

“Black, Middle-Class, Women Folk: Authenticity and Jessie Fauset.” Lexis, U of Montreal, 31 March 2000.

“Monstrous Constructions: Nation and Assimilation in Michael Almereyda’s Nadja.” Gothic Spirit, Gothic Flesh. Mount Saint Vincent U, Halifax, N.S., 15 Aug. 1999.

“From Either/Or to Neither/Nor: Relocating Bisexual Identity.” Queer Sites: Bodies at Work; Bodies at Play. U of Toronto. 15 May 1993.


Guest Instructor. ENGL 191: Creative Intervention. Instructor, Anne Stone. Jan 30, Feb 1, 2013.

Instructor. “Writing Your Way into an Art and Design School.” Portfolio Clinics, OCAD University, 2007-12.

Lecturer, with Dr. Ian Clarke, biologist. “Siamese Twins, Mad Scientists and Florescent Rabbits.” Look Inside. OCAD U. 21 Oct 2006.

Visiting Artist. Lecture: Long Poem; Trapeze. Creative Writing I, Lillian Allen. OCAD U. 24, Nov 2002.

Visiting Artist. Lecture: Long Poem; Trapeze. Creative Writing II, Lillian Allen. OCAD U. 7, Feb 2002.

Curriculum Development
Program Development Committee, Creative Writing. OCAD University, 2008-09.
Curriculum Advisory Committee of Faculty. OCAD University, 2004-07.
Curriculum Committee, English. OCAD University, 2006-07.
Chair, Curriculum Committee, English. OCAD University, 2004-06.
Curriculum Development Committee, Liberal Studies. OCAD University, 2003–04.
Course Development Committee, Critical Writing. OCAD University, 2002-03.
Curriculum Committee, Student Representative. York University, 2001-03.

Hiring Committees
Hiring Committee, Teaching Assistants (writing and literature courses); Director, Writing and Learning Centre. OCAD U, 2002-05.

Juries and Admissions
Juror, Scholarship Committee. Capilano University, 2013.
Juror, Student Awards. OCAD University, 2003–07.
Selection Committee, Admission to OCAD U. National Portfolio Day, Emily Carr U, 2012.
Selection Committee, Admission to OCAD U. OCAD University, 2005-07.

Faculty Symposium and Guest Speakers Committee. OCAD University, 2003-2007.
Chair, Faculty Symposium and Guest Speakers Committee. OCAD University, 2005-06.
Lecturer, OCAD Student Orientation. OCAD University, 2005-06.
Organizer, Faculty Readings. OCAD University, 2002-03.

Active Learning Methods. Concordia University, 1997.
Active Participation. York University, 1999.
Creating Inclusive Classrooms: Supporting Multilingual Students, ECUAD, 2014.
Designing Assignments. Writing Communication, Engineering, U of Toronto, 2010.
Designing Assignment to Avoid Plagiarism. OCAD University, 2005.
Developing a Teaching Dossier. Concordia Centre for Teaching and Learning, 1998.
Effective Critiques, ECUAD, 2015.
eLearning Pedagogy. ECUAD, 2013.
Encouraging Group Participation Among Culturally Diverse Students. ECUAD, 2013.
Evaluating Written Work. Concordia University, 1996.
Duty of Care in the Studio/Classroom: Legal Workshop, ECUAD, 2014.
Grading English for Second Language Learners. OCAD University, 2004.
Guidelines for Ethical Research Methods, ECUAD, 2014.
Hybrid Classroom, ECUAD, 2014.
Indian 101. ECUAD, 2013.
Micro Teaching Session. York University Centre for the Support of Teaching, 2002.
Perspectives on Good Teaching. OCAD University, 2003.
Student Assessment. OCAD University, 2003.
Teaching Aboriginal Students. Capilano University, 2013.
Teaching Large Classes. OCAD University, 2004.
Teaching Workshop for Faculty, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, 2016.
Understanding Our Students: Looking Through the Aboriginal Lens, ECUAD, 2014.
Using Learning Groups and Lectures in Large Classes. Concordia University, 1997.